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All In One Pot!

We pride ourselves on making chef-inspired, lab-tested, locally sourced cannabis meals, providing a healthy, dependable, and delicious alternative for legalized medical cannabis.

All in One Pot, is the brainchild of Sedrick Crawley who is an acclaimed chef and restaurateur who has been involved in food production, designing menus and award- winning dinner parties. We are burning a new trail in the in-home dining party market, and we want to start with you!

We infuse all menu options with your favorite selection - no need to worry about bitter or harsh tastes; you will be eating an elevated meal. Potency levels will be discussed before meal preparation. 

Sample Pairing Menus:

Green Salad- Sesame Crusted Tuna, super-green mix, radish, Carrot w/ Lost Coast O.G dressing.
Jerk Chicken salad with quinoa, almond feta w/ Triangle Kush crumble.
Blondies with pistachio and  whipped chocolate,infused with Gorilla O.G Kush.
W.C Blue Berry Pineapple and Fried Chicken w candied bacon


Contact us today: 301-541-3268 and ask for Chefsed! Each situation is different and we will discuss the best option for you. 
All Meals are prepared using our Infused CBD products.

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